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For most couples having intercourse to procreate, the chances of pregnancy in the frist month trial is around 20-25 per cent.  At the end of the first year this figure rises to 80-90 per cent, which means that for every 100 couples having regular intercourse 80-90 women become pregnant.  If, at this time, despite regular sexual intercourse (2-3 times a week) pregnancy does not occur, both partners should seek medical help.  

At the age of 33-34 a woman should seek a specialist after 6 months of unsuccessful attempts, because her fertility during this period of life begins to fall dramatically, and each subsequent month of delay can reduce the chances of conceiving a child. 

Currently, medicine offers many treatments of infertility so that almost every couple gets a chance to overcome this problem.  Each pairs’ situation is analyzed in an individual way by a doctor since the effectiveness of theraphy is influenced by a variety of unique circumstances, such as the history of previous illnesses or the patient’s individual characteristics.  The choice of treatment is therefore not dictated by the fixed pattern of action, but is tailored to the specific situation of each patient.  

  • planning the intercourse
  • hormonal theraphy
  • inseminations
  • surgeries
  • in vitro fertilization

It should be noted that a doctor primariliy will try to use non-invasive methods of treatment that many couples find helpful and effective in getting pregnant.  More sophisticated methods of infertility treatment are used only in case of exhaustion of other possibilities.