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According to World Health Organization, infertility is recognized when pregnancy does not occur for couples despite of regular sexual intercourse (2-3 times a week) for at least a year and in the absence of any method of contraception.

The most common causes of infertility are the following: an abnormal ovulation or ilack of ovulation, blocked fallopian tubes, an advanced age of a woman, and an insufficient number of sperm in th ejaculate.  It should be noted that the infertility problem applies equally to women and men.  In fact, in about 40 per cent a dysfunctionality of the men’ body prevents a woman from becoming pregnant.  Therefore, men and women should be equally engaged in the process of infertility treatment.

However, before a couple decides to go through with the treatment it shoud comply with the following tips to increase the chances of becoming pregnant:

  • lead a healthy lifestyle (proper diet and physical activity)
  • avoid smoking and drinking alcohol
  • reduce caffeine intake
  • do not use lubricants during intercourse
  • avoid overheating of the testes (eg. wearing loose-fitting underware)
  • know all the side effects of taken medications

If, however, both partners follow the above recommendations, and the longed pregnancy does not occur, the first step for a man and a woman should be to arrange a joint visit to the doctor, and perform basic testing. Next, a woman should consult a gynecologist, and her partner should see an andrologist.