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Although 95 per cent of infertility cases can be cured, many couples undergoing treatment can not conceive a child.  Sometimes this is due to the long duration of treatment process that can take up to several months.

Sometimes, however, lack of effectiveness in treatment may be due to poor diagnosis made by a physician, and also an inadequate theraphy, which may be unsuitable for certain couples.  In the event of prolonged absence of effects, you should get a second opinion from another doctor who might be able to find a solution better suited to the needs of the patient.  In many cases even a change of treatment method imay result in conception.  

If, however, none of the previous methods brought the desired result a couple may consider to undergo IVF treatment-in vitro fertilization.  It involves a collection of woman’s egg, and combining them with partner’s sperm in the labolatory.  Then, the resulting embryos are transferred into the uterus, where under normal development a new life begins. 

The success rate of in vitro ranges from 30 to 40 per cent per cycle.  Usually 1-2 embryos are transferred at a time.  However, since the majority of couples have usually more embryos to use in the future,  which can be used in subsequent cycles, it improves the efficiency  of IVF by a further 20-25 per cent.